Creating Turning Tide

A trip to the Cornish coast

As a family we regularly visit the South West of England and its coast line. This collection was inspired by a family trip but was created in the studio on my return.

With the holiday still firmly in my mind, I began playing with watercolours. I wanted to replicate the colours from the landscape and the effect the setting sun

I added iridescent colour to give the impression of the water shimmering. With the introduction of the warmer tones of burgundy, rusts and pinks, a nod towards the setting suns effects on the beach

From here the pebble shapes were formed, placed and repeated to create the final design

I love the calming and natural palette here, coupled with the busyness I imagined of the pebbles jostling under the force of the tide

It somehow feels more masculine as a design too, despite including softer pinks and shell tones, the strength of the sea comes through.