Exploring the Hot House

A trip to the Palm House was the only tonic needed

I’ve always been inspired by nature and the landscape and this collection came about after visiting the Palm House at Kew Gardens in 2019.

I had been in a bit of creative rut, knowing my passion for plants, my husband suggested a day off at Kew. After a few hours there it was like a switch had been flicked back on, I couldn’t wait to return to the studio the following day.

I immersed myself in creating this bold and unashamedly colourful collage, filled with joy and an energy of the rejuvenation. I had this framed and hung in the gallery, I loved it but would anyone else? To my utter surprise, it sold the very next day!

This collage is a celebration of everything I enjoy creatively. My hand printed and painted papers gave me maximum control over the colours, and the botanical forms were a nod towards Kew Gardens, the way they dance is an indication of the happiness felt whilst creating it.

I later used this collage as the base of the design of my Hot House wall papers, fabrics and later associated products.

Its a vibrant collusions of the busy and the bonkers, designed to be noticed and not for the ‘wall flowers’ in us  – although ironically, that’s exactly what it is!