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Emmeline Webb Art

Botanical Blues Coaster Card *NEW*

Botanical Blues Coaster Card *NEW*

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Coaster Cards - A card, a coaster and a cuppa in one!

These Coaster Cards make a sweet gifting option. With a detachable coaster and a sachet of herbal tea, you can send a gift when just a card won't do.

I first came up with the idea when visitors to the shop wanted a card to match my coasters. Then in the first 2020 lockdown I added the teabags, as a way of sharing a cuppa with friends and family. They continue to be one of my best selling gifts today.

I have signed them on the front, just like a little mini artwork - making them all that bit extra special. Each one comes with one sachet of quality herbal tea.

There are many designs and I'm constantly making more to add to the collection. Making these little gifts a fun collectable piece to dot around the home, guaranteed to bring some joy.

There is also a matching tea towel too, making it a perfect little new home gift. 

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